A long time ago a man called Nimbin had a pet bird and goanna. One day the rainbow serpent came and tried to steal Nimbin's bird, so Nimbin asked Goanna to fight the rainbow serpent. 


They come together and and a fight and goanna was bitten and poisoned. Nimbin told him him to eat the medicine from the trees and the poison was pushed from his body and created the Nimbin Rock Pools. 


The goanna recovered and went after the rainbow serpent again. They met at Grafton. They fought again, and this time Goanna was torn open so he went to the east and bled on the ground, this created Red Rock. Goanna soon recovered and went after the rainbow serpent again. The snake turned into an island to hid. Goanna waited for him to come back but he waited that long that he turned to stone and become Goanna Headland at Evans Heads. 


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Also available in Copper Colour 

This is a creation story. W - 120cm by H - 90cm